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3 powerful approaches combined
to solve your problems fast.

Are you struggling?

No matter how capable a person you are, the truth is that some problems or challenges are best solved by hiring professional help. Mindfulness and life coaching focus on what you can do now to ensure that both your present and future are secure, rewarding and successful on your own terms. Gold Standard and Optimal EFT, focus on healing and letting go of painful and difficult experiences in your past that may be impacting negatively on your present peace of mind and wellbeing.

You’ll find this combined approach to be quick, thorough and highly effective in solving your current problems and challenges and moving on with your life.




I’m a full member of the Association For Coaching and AAMET International, the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Therapies, and a mindfulness teacher with over 15 year’s experience.

I’m a member of EFT founder Gary Graig’s research group into innovative new EFT protocols and practices.

To arrange an initial telephone consultation to discuss your requirements contact me via my contacts page or call me directly on 07946 637 615



In Conversation With EFT’s Founder, Gary Craig

Some of the benefits of EFT?

Works Quickly

EFT works more quickly than most traditional forms of talking based therapies because it directly targets the real causes of our problems, our emotional and physical reactions to past painful experiences. This is one of the reasons that EFT is so effective in relieving the symptoms of PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Effective for Emotional and Physical Problems

There is much research into the links between emotional stress and physical disease. We know that emotional distress suppresses our immune system and is also linked to many skin diseases, heart conditions and even arthritis. EFT can reduce the underlying emotional causes of physical symptoms and so we regularly see impressive improvements with physical symptoms. As part of your treatment you’ll learn how to apply EFT yourself to manage both emotional distress and physical symptoms.

Permanent Results

If you’ve ever broken a new year’s resolution or regained weight after a diet  you’ll be relieved to experience the permanent changes caused by the effective use of EFT. Once any underlying and unseen emotional causes are thoroughly resolved through EFT,  we typically see results that last across a wide range of emotional and physical challenges.

Full Support

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge what’s going on here for you. You’ve decided to do something positive about your current situation and  although It might not feel like it right now, you’re doing something courageous. It’s not always comfortable process, reaching out. In fact this might just be the hardest part.  Combining Mindfulness, EFT & Life Coaching  means that, once we begin working together, we’ll go at your pace and at a level you feel comfortable with. Contact me through the web form on my contact page or call me directly on 0203 632 9173 for an informal chat to discuss your situation. Once we begin working together you’ll have email support and the ability to schedule session face to face, by telephone or Skype so that you can be supported wherever you travel no matter how busy your schedule.

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