When I spoke to Mike it was clear very early on that I was able to be vulnerable with him and honest about things I’d previously kept hidden. I was giving up and felt lost and alone. I wasn’t sure that the types of therapies I’d received in the past would work so I wanted to try something new. Mike is very assuring as a coach and for someone who feels like they are always being judged he created a free space where I could breathe easy. He helped me see clearly and helped me to understand when I made decisions that I didn’t understand why I’d made them. He helped me a lot with letting go of self blame. EFT tapping with him really worked and I relaxed more with my inability to trust and deal with larger groups of people. I would and I have recommended his services because I think his work is important and it’s brought me clarity.

Sophie, fashion Designer

Working with Mike has been a great experience and has helped me discover more about myself and become more at peace. I also find myself increasingly doing the kind of things I want to do in life. This kind of work is not always easy but Mike has a great temperament – he will push you when needed to make progress in your life where previously you were stuck, but he is always patient and sensitive too. Definitely recommended.

Jason, Business Owner

Mike is very open and non-judgemental. I liked his warmth and his passion. He is honest and trustworthy. I came to Mike looking for clarity in my life. I was trying to sort out my relationship with my partner and my family and my career direction. Mike stepped through my journey with me. I learned to make better decisions and to care for myself and appreciate my positive qualities. I gained in strength and confidence from our sessions and I have stood up for myself in family situations and have spoken openly and frankly about my sexuality and about who I am as a person, especially to my parents. I absolutely recommend Mike’s services, I really appreciated his flexibility and generosity. He had a genuine will to want to help me grow. He taught me the power of gratitude. That one word has changed my mindset and outlook on life!

Bronwyn, Social Worker

Mike’s coaching is excellent. I was stuck career-wise and now I am part time, unstuck at work and I know what I want in the future. I know I don’t have to be anything I don’t want to be. I don’t have to progress in my career – I just need to be happy!

Claire, Teacher

It’s been great working with Mike, and he has helped me to look at my thoughts and feelings in a new light-often helping me to reassess them and realise that things I had thought of as ‘truths’ and unchangeable are in fact in my own control. His sessions are always full of good humour and so often Mike is able to pin point and help me identify root causes of my behaviour. EFT has been an interesting discovery, and useful tool to use in the sessions. I would highly recommend Mike.

Sonia, Manager

I went through a painful breakup and was working in a difficult job a long way from home. Working with Mike restored my self esteem and helped me find increased clarity, stability and peace of mind. It was the start of spiritual discovery and redirection back onto my soul’s chosen path. Mike is an excellent coach, he helped me to understand myself with a more balanced objectivity and I witnessed a growing sense of peace in place of what had once seemed like a never ending internal battle.

Mark, Music producer and DJ

I’d recommend Mike if someone is looking for a more spiritual/holistic take on their life. Work problems were effecting the rest of my life. My sessions with Mike gave me strength and courage, and renewed energy, clarity and motivation. It’s very difficult to quantify, but I felt better after each conversation. Mike has the ability to give new perspectives and hope and I learnt the importance of small steps being cumulative.

Alison, Business owner

Ready To Add Your Name To This List?

Mike is an excellent coach. he is sympathetic, compassionate and motivational. He is excellent at helping you work out where you want your life to be and how you are going to get there, and he gives you the support as well as a range of tools to be able to achieve this. Working with Mike was the first step in improving my mental health. I also refocused on my career and made changes that have put me in a much better place than I was previously.

Jessica, Actress

Mike provided me with sensible, logical and most of all easy ways to organise and track my personal and professional progression. A warm and friendly individual who made me feel as if anything was possible given the right approach. Having identified obstacles and actions on the route to my short and long term goals, achieving them now feels well within my reach. I would definitely recommend Mike’s services to anyone who feels they need guidance or reassurance on their course toward success.

Graham, Music Producer

Mike has been life coaching me for two years and in that time he’s introduced me to many invaluable tools and techniques which have all helped me to think in a more constructive and less destructive way, whether it’s in my personal relationships or in my professional life as a song writer. He’s helped me to uncover and overcome many of my fears which before working through them together I know had been holding me back in life. Together we’ve formulated solid workable plans and strategies that I feel comfortable with for achieving my goals. Mike has helped me to stay on my own path to the good feeling I get from being alive, a path which before working with Mike I was forever strolling off. I think of Mike as a good and trusted friend and I always benefit from our sessions.

I would highly recommend Mike as a life coach to anyone who is looking for one basically because I think he’s a top guy that truly loves and enjoys helping other people be more effective and happy in their lives and because I know that he’s very good at it!!

Jody, Songwriter

Having Mike as a Life Coach has got me through one of the most difficult years of my life. His ability to listen and paraphrase what I say to him is at times frightening but at the same time healing. Because his words are positive and encouraging I have allowed myself time to look within and not feel guilty about making and achieving my own goals.

At the moment I am about to complete a sociology access course and without the support of Mike I do believe I would not have got here. I have been on the verge of giving up so many times due to the pressure of the work load.

I believe he is sincere and his positive energy is real. When I finish my session with him I feel as though I could climb a mountain, and I am frightened of heights!

Sonia, Mature Student

Mike worked with our theatre group at a time where we were formulating our vision for the future. The exercises he facilitated for us helped us really feel the excitement and the emotion of the success that we aim to achieve and really brought together as a team working towards common goals. He helped us to harness this excitement and turn our enthusiasm into a strategic action plan involving all members of the company in ways that made the best use use of our individual talents.

Mike’s approach helped us to believe that we really do have the right to believe in our dreams and after working with Mike we now really do feel that anything is possible!

If you’re feeling restless stuck or confused work with mike. He’s worth every penny!

Pant Rei Theatre Collective

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