My Story

My Story

When I was a kid, my biggest dream was to be a musician and to sign a record deal. By the time I reached my 23rd birthday, I’d been there, seen it, done it. My band signed with an “cool” independent label and we charted with our first single.
The big surprise was the success I’d been imagining didn’t make me happy for more than 20 minutes.

I didn’t know it then, but no matter how outwardly successful my life looked, the most important factor which leads to happiness is how we feel inside. I had some serious self image issues, best summed up as “never good enough”.

I won a film scholarship and tried again. This time my most painful moment came when my film was screened at BAFTA. Once again, it just “wasn’t good enough”.

Things changed when I entered my own therapy process. Eventually this lead to me qualifying as a Certified Professional Life Coach and then as a Certified EFT practitioner.

True happiness, it turns out, is an inside job. For me EFT proved to be the quickest and most effective way to let go of a painful past and embrace new possibilities. Life throws up it’s challenges, but it’s our response to those challenges that’s defines the quality of our experience.

Hiring a therapist and coming to terms with the past is part of the journey. Learning to have compassion for ourselves and building worthy lives is also the goal of therapy. It’s a process, a journey that we can learn to embrace and love.

For me spirituality has always been a major fascination. I’ve trained in some of the world’s major spiritual traditions and in my view they all have the same message at their core. The answer it turns out is love. Love for oneself and for one’s fellow humanity. EFT is a highly effective way of removing the blocks to love’s presence. It is very challenging indeed to be compassionate when we are hamstrung by guilts, regrets and anger about the past. It spills over and pollutes our present.

I understand that not everyone embraces spirituality and so, although I work from a deeply spiritual perspective, I don’t expect my clients to embrace any particular path or any spiritual path at all for that matter. However if you are looking for a practitioner who combines professional skills and experience with a spiritual approach I may well be the right therapist for you. The work we’ll do together is towards a greater sense of peace and self acceptance in your life. I’ll help you reduce your levels of anxiety, heal and build closer more loving relationships with yourself and with others, as well as reach your career, financial and business goals.

You’ll find, as emotional pains subside, any physical challenges you might be experiencing will heal more easily, and your overall health will improve.

The biggest mistake we all make, in my view, is to look outside of ourselves for our source of wellbeing and happiness. Your answers are already with you. Together we’ll discover them and, no matter how challenging it may seem right now, you’ll find a calmer, happier more peaceful and fulfilled you.

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