Stressed Or Anxious?

Stress & Anxiety

Are you suffering from stress or anxiety ?

Common symptoms include tiredness and irritability,indecisiveness and poor judgment, loss of sense of humour, poor timekeeping, lack of sleep, an increase in headaches, nausea, aches and pains, inexplicable mood swings, unexplained fatigue, high blood pressure, unusual weight gain or weight loss, chronic indigestion and chest pains.

What Is EFT And How Can It Help With Anxiety and Stress?

Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, is a universal healing tool that can provide impressive results for physical, emotional, and performance issues. EFT is sometimes referred to as emotional acupuncture, but without the needles. It uses gentle tapping on specific points on your body to help you release stuck emotions, improve the clarity of your mind and aids the healing of physical symptoms. EFT is a gentle process which works quickly and creates permanent results.

How EFT Helps With Anxiety And Stress?

Anxiety or stress are words used to describe a wide range of symptoms that are experienced as physical feelings in our bodies, often accompanied by intrusive and repetitive thoughts in our minds.

One easy way to know if someone’s suffering from stress and anxiety is that their sense of humour disappears. It’s hard to see the funny side of a situation when you feel overwhelmed. Your body has systems to deal with situations it sees as dangerous. You’ve probably heard of the fight or flight response. When triggered, your flight or fight response releases adrenalin into your body to prepare you to run or fight. It works perfectly if you are being chased by a sabre toothed tiger, but what if the threat is a worry thought in your mind? Something like disappointing your boss, or losing your job, or being rejected by someone you like romantically, you can’t run or fight a situation like that!

Threat Detection System

It’s even worse if the the threat is coming from a memory of something that happened in the past. While no-one can change the past, with EFT you can learn to respond to the past in a different way. Your flight or flight response is triggered by something we’ll call your threat detection system. The threat detection system operates a better safe than sorry policy. This means that if you think of something from the past that was in some way bothersome to you back then, your system will respond as if the threat is still real and happening now. Do you have memories that make you angry or confused or sad or that you feel guilty about? You can think of those things and your body will respond with a strong feeling as if the thing you are remembering is happening now.

They say time heals all wounds, but often that’s not true. Many people feel trapped or haunted by the recent and not so recent past. With EFT you don’t give up your memories, but you do change how you feel about them. Through the proper application of EFT it’s possible to come to terms and find peace with even the strongest and most upsetting incidents.

EFT helps you to reset your system so that it recognises what is a real threat now and what is a memory from the past, helping you let go of old angers, guilts, traumas or regrets. What we find with EFT is people getting permanent relief from issues they’ve suffered from for years and even decades.

EFT can help you learn to care more about what you think of yourself than what other people think of you. Not in a selfish way, but in a natural healthy way that frees you to live free of unnatural stress and anxiety and to regain your sense of fun and enjoyment of life.

I’m Suffering From Stress And Anxiety, What Can I Do About It?

If you’r reading this, then you are doing something about it. You’re looking for information and maybe reading self help books and trying to take on some good advice. Anything you can do to quiet your mind, relax and get more organised will help you bring down your stress and anxiety levels. This might sound strange, but I’ll stay away from giving out any advice here, because in my experience good advice is rarely taken. You already know about yoga, meditation, exercise, healthy eating, spending time in nature and all of the many things that could help you. The question is, why does it seem so hard to get started and do something healthy for yourself so that you feel less anxious and stressed? Yes, the stresses and pressures in your life are real. It’s also true that some people seem to be coping with really difficult circumstances and others are crumbling under lesser pressures. So what makes the difference?

Change Your Response

The big difference is how you respond to a situation, or even how you respond to the thoughts you think about it.
That might sound a bit complicated, so we’ll break it down a little. Your threat detection system responds to a real threat in the same way it responds to a thought in your mind.

The difference between someone with healthy levels if anxiety and stress and someone who is right off the scale and into the red, is how their threat detection system is programmed.

You can use EFT to reset your threat detection system so that you give yourself the breathing space to feel okay no matter what is happening. This doesn’t mean you’ll never feel anxious again, but you’ll avoid over reacting. This means you’ll experience more peace of mind and all of the many benefits that come with it. Your immune system will work better and so you’ll have more energy and feel better physically.

With more energy and a clearer mind, relationships tend to improve and if you chose to focus on it we’ll even be able to improve your career and financial situation too. All of this because you’ll be seeing things more clearly and be able to make better decisions.

The processes you’ll go through with EFT are gentle and often humorous. This is not to make light of your situation. You’ll find new ways of looking at old problems and so laughter is one of the typical effects when EFT is done with skill by an experienced professional.

As you become more and more comfortable and familiar with EFT you’ll learn you how to use it yourself, independently, so you’ll have a powerful tool to call upon whenever you need to.

No matter how long you’ve lived with stress and anxiety, with EFT, you can overcome it so that you experience more feelings of safety and being okay, no matter what the circumstances. I’ve seen clients overcome problems they’ve lived with for more than fifty years through EFT.

So much has changed in just the last twenty five years in our understanding of how the human mind and body work together to create our mental and physical well-being. If you are struggling with stress and anxiety please feel assured that there is quick and effective help available to you now.

I don’t charge for information. If you’d like to discover how EFT can help you, use the button below to schedule a free 15- 20 min call with me. I’ll answer any questions you might have about EFT and how it can work for you. Whatever you do, please don’t suffer a moment more on your own.

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