Health Issues

Health Issues

Conventional medicine accepts that emotional stress is a major contributor to physical symptoms. EFT works on the underlying emotional contributors to health issues to aid your body’s natural ability to heal. EFT can also be an aid to pain management without the use of prescription drugs.

The Effects Of Stress And Anxiety On The Body

If you visit your doctor with something like a skin rash or a stomach complaint or migraine, they’ll routinely point to emotional causes as major contributors to your condition. It’s common knowledge that heart conditions and blood pressure issues, for example, are linked to stress and anxiety. Despite this growing awareness and acceptance of underlying emotional contributors to physical symptoms, modern western medicine still mostly relies on the prescription of pharmaceutical drugs to treat physical issues.

Modern medicine has worked wonders in freeing us from medical conditions that proved fatal to our ancestors. However, given the almost universal acceptance that underlying emotions contribute to physical conditions, it’s a logical step to treat the emotional contributors, and so support the body’s natural healing process. Even better if taking care of the emotions means that the patient no longer needs to take medications, so avoiding their often complex and potentially harmful side effects.

Letting Go Of The Beach Ball

Consider a beach ball metaphor. If I’m in the water and I’m holding a beach ball under the surface how much energy and attention does it take to keep it submerged? That’s energy and attention I could be using for other things. More and more people are coming to realise that emotional stress robs us of energy and suppresses our natural capacity to heal. You can use EFT to let go of the beach ball, freeing up more energy so that your system can heal physical symptoms more effectively. Often you’ll find with EFT, that once submerged emotions are dealt with, physical symptoms reduce dramatically or disappear.

How EFT Is Used To Treat Physical Conditions

The Body’s Meridian System :

Around 5,000 years ago the Chinese discovered a system of subtle energy circuits, called meridians, which run through the body. Understanding how these meridians work is the foundation of acupuncture and acupressure along with a variety of other healing approaches. When electrical signals flow freely along the meridians and the energy is balanced, the mind experiences calm and the body functions healthily. EFT uses gentle tapping on certain meridian point on the body to rebalance the body’s energy system and restore mental clarity, emotional stability and physical ease.

Targeting The Source Of The Issue

During an EFT session you’ll mentally tune in to your physical symptoms as you tap on your meridian points. EFT can be aimed at the physical symptoms themselves and to uncover and release any underlying emotional contributors. When you release the angers, fears, resentments, guilts and griefs that are burdening your system you naturally begin to feel better. You’ll also learn how to use EFT on your own to manage persistent symptoms so that you have an alternative to turn to as well as the use of prescription pharmaceuticals.

To find out more about the many benefits of EFT for physical issues click on the video “What Is EFT?”

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Please note, I’m not a doctor or licensed medical practitioner – always consult your GP on medical issues.

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